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Definition of competitiveness for photovoltaics and development of measures to accompany PV to grid parity and beyond

Nude male snapchats,

Welcome to the PV PARITY project website!

This project, co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Commission, aims at identifying and promoting the use of some measures that could complement or replace the existing support schemes for the deployment of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy installations throughout Europe.

These instruments would boost the steady expansion of PV markets while bringing the highest possible benefits to the society and to the energy system and while entailing maximally optimized investments.

Ultimately, these measures would help reducing the competitiveness gap of PV compared to fossil fuel technologies and they would sustain the further growth of PV markets once competitiveness is reached.   

PV PARITY Final Report

PV Parity Video

The video of the PV Parity project is available in English above. It is also available with subtitles in the following languages:



Events & News

Nude male snapchats,

Brussels, 27 November 2013 – The PV PARITY Project concludes that photovoltaics (PV) is increasingly evolving from an investors’ market to an energy-savings’ market. This can be achieved by moving...

New PV PARITY Reports released

Several reports have been published in October and November and in particular the following ones: Cost of current and alternative support schemes to grid parity To implement non yet...

PV Parity Final Conference - 26 November 2013

The PV PARITY Final Conference took place on 26 November 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. The event was a great opportunity for European Policy makers and Stakeholders to discover the results of a...

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Welcome to the PV PARITY project website!
Bienvenue sur le site du projet PV PARITY!
Benvenuti nel sito del progetto PV PARITY!
Vítejte na stránkách projektu PV PARITY!
Welkom op de website van het PV PARITY project!
¡Bienvenido a la web del proyecto PV PARITY!
Bem-vindo ao sítio Web do projecto PARITY!
Καλωσορίσατε στην ιστοσελίδα του έργου PV PARITY!
Willkommen auf der PV PARITY Projekt-Website!

Próximos pasos y eventos
Eventos y Noticias
Τα επόμενα βήματα / εκδηλώσεις
Nächste Schritte / Veranstaltungen
Volgende stappen / evenementen
Další kroky a událostí
Events & News
PV Parity Video
PV Parity Video
PV Parity βίντεο
PV Parity Video
PV Parity Video
PV Parity Video
PV Parity Video
PV Parity Video
PV Parity Video

PV PARITY Final Report ErotiquemondePorno lienxsource/a>largeporntubeSourceWatch